This is the No good team :)

Jesse hard at work

born canberrz, 1976
interests op shopping, collecting 80’s toys, swimming, comics, making badges, recycling magazines and other stuff
first garment green cactus outfit for my birthday
printing and sewing history it started in 2003 when i found my first badge making machine in an op shop, as i didn’t have much drinking money i made badges at the pub and traded them for beer. in 2005 i started a ceramics course at Tafe, had two lessons in screen printing and decided never to do ceramics again. taught myself the basics of screen printing and set up a print making studio at the chocolate factory (silver cloud studios) in Lismore. since then i have been invovled in seven fashion shows and done millions of market stalls from brisbane to newcastle (TINA). Ran my own shopfront in Lismore cbd by the name of ‘lismore underground‘ for 3 years, where i show cased work from many local artists and makers including my own stuff. Currently the manager(:) ha ha!) of the con artist market in lismore
philosophy to up cycle and recycle as much as possible because there is already way too much waste in the world without using more resources to make new stuff, except for my iphone coz i love it ! (sent from my iphone)

punkin havin a cow

born adelaide, 1973
interests playing music, skate boarding, environmental issues, organic food production, flying rc helicopters, cutting grass with a scythe, hanging out with beautiful people
first garment pair of pyjamas for a kermit the frog doll
sewing history started making clothing all hand stitched, no machines, for one thing i didn’t want to have to repair and diagnose a machine, i also felt that the hand stitched-ness of the clothing added to it’s power as an object. I gave up for a while after that… until i bought a machine back in 2001, then i started reverse engineering garments that i liked at the time, working out how to make the right shapes, add zips, pockets, etc. Then i started getting commissions to make jeans mostly from hippy boys and girls around nimbin town, and did some fashion shows out there and around byron bay. Moved into Lismore and started working with Jesse’s prints, then started working with jesse doing a fashion show in 2009 and working on other creative projects since, including the con artist market, making bags and other pieces of work to be sold there.
philosophy I believe it is essential that we start taking back some of the basic skills that as a culture we are losing every time work is out sourced to a poorer economy, both for our own sakes (economy, means of production blah blah) and also to slow down the effect this is having in countries like china, where workers can be exploited, working long hours seven days a week barely making enough to feed their families. Over industrialization in these countries take people away from agricultural self sufficient lifestyles forcing them into urban poverty.